Our copy of Trials arrived in the mail yesterday

The Monroe Transfer was our first post, their LP Trials gave us our first review, and their riotous tour diary rounded out the trifecta. After that we had to move things along. Gramophone was a brand new creation, and it was getting sort of monochrome.

It’s still an incredible album. And our plea that “a U.S. release would be nice” was a bit misleading, frankly. As frontman Nick Gill wrote by email, “Strangely enough, shipping to the US works out relatively cheap, so we could happily ship for the price on the site.” A deal is struck, a transaction is realized, et voilà, here are the results.

The Bandcamp page describes the physical release as “a limited edition CD in a fabric case, with hand screenprinted and letterpressed artwork. ” It’s beautiful. Here is the packaging, front and back:

The only thing even resembling a complaint is that you hate to remove the stitching. Which you must, if you’re keen on listening to the music you’ve just bought.

And please, no irate emails about the terrible photography. One word: iPhone.

Here is the case, with and without the CD. It’s an open-faced job with a gasketed center hub. Not one of those cheap, chilly polystyrene creations:

The liner notes are pretty, and pretty brief, with a nice piece of felt artwork on the back side. But you’ll have to buy the CD for a glimpse of that. We’ve said too much already. Buy it at the link below. And no, you’re not “paying for their rock n roll lifestyles.” You’re keeping them in business.


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